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Image by Radek Skrzypczak


Attention to Detail

Best Cleaners on A serve shoe repair in East Village and proud to serve your foot step.

UGG Short Clean: $30.00

UGG Boots Clean: $45.00

Leather Full Soles: M$80.00 / W$60.00

             Half Soles: M$40.00 / W$35.00

Rubber Full Soles: M$40.00 / W$35.00

             Half Soles: M$30.00 / W$28.00

Rubber Heels: M$25.00 / W$20.00

Shoe Shine: M$12.00 W$12.00

Shoe-Stretching (With, Height, Length, & Calves)

Shoe Care: Services
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